Return to Kirk's Landing  

R2KL front cover only November 26 2016 copyNominated for Ottawa Independent Writers 2017 Frank Hegyi Award and City of Ottawa 2017 Book Awards. Reviewed in the Ottawa Review of Books.

Synopsis - Dave Browne, a former big city undercover cop, is hoping to finally settle into a peaceful new life as police chief in a small northern Canadian town. When he'd first arrived in the middle of winter, he’d relied on both his ability to disappear, and his new First Nations friends, to solve an unsolved murder, expose corruption at the local mill, and defeat an evil spirit. Now it’s summer, and he’s planning on being just a regular cop, worrying about things like jaywalking tourists and loud cottage parties. Unfortunately, parts of his past reappear, and he’s confronted with a biker gang, drugs, another murder, and a demonic possession. It's now time for him to face the benefits and limitations of his unique ability, changing both it and himself in the process.

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Author: Mike Young
Title: Return to Kirk's Landing
ISBN: 9781928049470
Crime fiction, adult. Paperback, 308 pages
Publisher: Deux Voiliers Publishing (2016)
Price: $22.95 Wholesale/library discounts available
Distributor: Red Tuque Books, Penticton, BC.
Summary - Dave's peaceful new life as police chief in a small town is shattered when ghosts from his past reappear. Suddenly he's confronted with bikers, drugs, treachery, a murder, and the reappearance of an evil spirit.

Finding Kirk's Landing

If you do a Google Maps search, you will find that it's here, at Big Choctaw Bayou on the Tensas River in Louisiana.  Kl

Probably not what you were looking for.

The Kirk's Landing of my book is a fictional town in south east Manitoba. 

As for the book itself, and the sequel they are in several places, including:

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